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Branding – Identity – Communication – Design
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Branding – Identity – Communication – Design

Common Sense. Uncommon Wisdom.
Andre Paquin Associates is a strategic brand identity consulting company with a refreshingly common sense approach. We create meaningful brand identities that represent the essence of any business. At APA, we believe that connecting with your customers in a straightforward manner is your number one priority and that makes it our number one priority.

Corporate Perspective
An important part of founder, Andre Paquin’s career has been spent with Fortune 100 companies like Wells Fargo, Kraft General Foods, RJR Nabisco and International Playtex. As Director of Branding & Creative Services for Wells Fargo, Andre was responsible for managing an iconic brand and building a credible in-house creative support team for all marketing initiatives. Understanding his client’s perspective helps set Andre apart from most design consultants who have only had the misfortune of an outside view.

Madison Avenue
Andre Paquin’s career experiences go well beyond the corporate world where he has worked for leaders in the world of corporate and brand identity consulting. As Director of Creative Services for the New York office of Interbrand, a global corporate brand identity consultancy, he was responsible for the design implementation of corporate identity programs for customers like 3M, Texaco, MasterCard International and AT&T to name a few. In Cincinnati, as General Manager and Creative Director, Andre was instrumental in leading all Procter and Gamble brand identity and packaging design efforts for Interbrand. In addition, Andre has also worked for FutureBrand, Siegel & Gale and Enterprise IG in corporate identity and branding in New York.

This unique blend of experience provides APA’s clients with the best of both worlds – creative ingenuity, design innovation and corporate responsibility – all very much appreciated and valued highly by all of our current clients.

Business owner, brand manager, corporate strategist, designer, writer, consumer. Depth of knowledge, understanding and vision of design and brand marketing are among the unique points-of-difference that help APA remain focused on client needs. Experience and understanding, resourcefulness and personal attention – delivered in a more flexible and cost effective manner, help set us apart from any other brand identity design firm.

Alliance Partners
At APA, we pride ourselves on our resourcefulness. Like the conductor of a symphony, Andre can sit down to play any of the instruments himself or conduct an expert team of alliance partners to suit each client’s needs. He has established relationships with trusted and proven subject matter experts who team with APA to provide our clients with the depth of knowledge and understanding needed to achieve their business objectives. Our affiliations have been established over years of personal relationships with the best in the business.

The Well Oiled Machine
The success of any branding program depends, in large part, on the rigors of the approach, the methodology and due diligence. We approach every project with professionalism and special consultative care. Below is a list of the many services we provide to our clients:

Market Intelligence
Brand Communications Audit
Brand Position Mapping
Brand Naming
Branding Strategy
Organizational Structure Design
Creative Strategy

Company Visual Identifier
Product/Service Visual Identifier
Visual Brand Architecture
Brand Identity Usage Guidelines
Training and Education Workshop

External Marketing Communications
Communications Campaign Planning
Internal Employee Communications
Brand Name Support Copy
Copy Development
e-Learning, Training and Education               
Meetings and Events
Internal Presentations
External Multi-media Presentations

Company Logotype
Product/Service Logotype
Stationery Design
Printed Collateral Design
Corporate Annual Reports
Direct Response Marketing
Catalog Design
Product/Service Packaging Design
Sales Promotion
Sales Presentation
Sign Design
Fleet Vehicle Design
Web Design

Brands. Valued.
Add your brand to the list of identities touched by APA’s common sense, creative direction, implementation know-how and refreshingly unique perspective.

Banking/Insurance/Financial Services
Ace Insurance
Fleet Bank
GE Capital
HouseHold Insurance
Radian Group
Sentry Insurance
Siemens Financial Services
Wells Fargo
Crossroads Capital

GE Medical Systems
Ortho Diagnostics
Ross Laboratories
Warner Lambert
Monmouth Medical Center
Wolters Kluwer Health

Consumer Electronics/Housewares

Quaker State

Jockey International
Playtex Intimate Apparel

Food & Beverage
Baby Ruth
Bubble Yum
Cool Whip
Frito Lay
General Foods
Maxwell House
Miller Brewing
Post Cereals
RJR Nabisco
Rold Gold
SmartFood Popcorn

Travel & Tourism
Cincinnati Centennial

Dow Chemical
Hess Corporation

Towson University

J.I. Case

Sun MicroSystems

Consumer Goods
Johnson & Johnson
S.C. Johnson & Sons
Vidal Sassoon

Dow Elanco
John Deere
Massey Ferguson


Theatre Arts
Plays For Living

Time Inc.
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Sports & Entertainment
Red Bank YMCA
Jersey Shore Touring Society

First Impressions
You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression. The brand you build is the cornerstone of your business and leaves a lasting impression on the people who become your customers. Make sure the mark you leave is memorable and meaningful. Make sure they remember you, your business, your product or your service for the qualities that set you apart, that make you different.

Our approach to building brands include:

  • Marketplace research
  • Competitive brand communications analysis
  • Brand positioning strategy development
  • Understanding customer needs, motivations and behaviors

Innovate. Position. Differentiate. Express.
Your identity manifests itself in many ways. Every interaction you have with your customers, your business partners, your investors and your employees, you have an opportunity to leave them with an indelible impression – who you are and what you represent. Our process for ensuring the identity that represents you and your business includes:

  • Recommendations for naming
  • Creation of language to support your brand name
  • Design of a unique visual identifier for your brand
  • Design for your business correspondence
  • Design for your marketing communications
  • Design for site signs (retail and corporate)
  • Creation of your web presence
  • Useful guides for future use of your identity

Meaningful Messages
A wise Chinese philosopher once said a picture is worth a thousand words. However, pictures alone cannot tell the whole story. We pride ourselves on connecting our clients with their customers through the use of targeted communications. That connection, in large part, is due to choosing the right words and visuals to deliver your message. Your messages are delivered to your audiences in terms that resonate with them without the use of confusing corporate or industry jargon. We use simple language even your mom can understand.

Innovation + Design = Good Business
It’s been proven that innovative thinking and design excellence make for great business (ever heard of iPod?). Design distinguishes your organization from others. Design elevates opinion, separates and enables your organization to stand apart. It simplifies to the essence of your brand identity and defines who you are and what you do. Most importantly, design changes your bottom line. Look to your left; now to your right. Is there a designer sitting next to you? Invite Andre to sit with you. It’ll be good for your business.

Andre strongly believes:

  • Design is not just an art
  • Design is a science
  • Design is not contrary
  • Design is not complex
  • Design is functional
  • Design is the marriage of business objective and beauty
  • Design has purpose
  • Design is a means to an end
  • Design is innovation

Siemens Mindset Program

Customer Centric
Siemens, one of the worlds most recognizable global brands, recognized that their success is directly associated to the satisfaction of their customers. They also recognized that the key to growing their business was directly linked to every single Siemens employee.

Corporate Culture Change
Andre helped Siemens shift employee thinking by creating an underlying mission, incorporating it into a corporate belief system and bringing it to life through an internal branding campaign to change the way employees think about the impact they have on customer relationships, customer satisfaction and the company bottom line.

Communication Campaign
The campaign was designed to create awareness and emphasize a different kind of Mindset. A series of inspiring posters, displayed in highly visible areas through Siemens facilities, reinforced the new Mindset delivered by every manager at every meeting. The campaign was introduced by the President through a series of Town Hall meetings with subsequent communications delivered using Mindset branded vehicles like HTML emails, brochures and desktop reminders to keep the program top of mind for every employee.

Corporate Identity. A Renewable Equity.
Reinforcing a strong heritage and delivering a core message with the help of notable theatre patrons and recognizable celebrities, promote this venerable brand to distinctly different audiences. Powerful, relevant imagery and color make a bold statement about Plays For Living and the value they provide their clients. Andre developed this solid brand strategy and bold corporate identity for Plays For Living.

Annual Report. Building Brand. Building Confidence.
Radian Group, a Philadelphia based credit enhancement and mortgage insurance specialist, with a reputation for creativity and expert financial services was faced with a daunting challenge. This annual report is a testament to the spirit and nature of Radian Group. It clearly communicates successes and presents challenges to be confronted in the years to come in a compelling manner. Beautifully designed by and printed on bright white soft and textural paper, this report shows off the creative nature of Radian in bold ways that no other financial services companies dare to. The report does more than satisfy the requirements of a government agency, it presents Radian to its constituents – building confidence, building the Radian brand. This annual is truly a look into the soul of the Radian organization – more than just a financial document.

Intersection of Credibility and Visibility
Creating a professional image for your organization builds credibility and increases visibility. To ensure that Crossroads Capital could contend in a market where competition is stiff, they required a brand image that would position them as a viable alternative to their prospective customers. A comprehensive program including logotype design, business correspondence, marketing tools and a web presence was created. Having a more polished image helps them now to open doors and close deals. 

Breathing Life Into the Brand
For 5 years professionals from every area of healthcare, research and medicine met with one purpose in mind – to bring to the table advances in care, medicine, technology and pharmaceuticals that might help those afflicted with cystic fibrosis. These professionals came from a three state area and were growing in size and popularity. This meeting of the minds had always been thrown together adhoc on the campus of Villanova University. Andre helped them take their initiative to the next level by creating a name for the event and branding it with a unique and quite communicative brand identity, making it easier for the organization to attract attention in the form of funding from sponsors, professionals and organizations.

Medical Miracle. From Telling to Selling.
Dutch medical information company Wolters Kluwer Health publishes extensive information for professionals in the healthcare industry. The Anatomical Chart Company, long known as a premiere producer of high end medical information was acquired by WK Health and absorbed by their publishing arm, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Each year the Anatomical Chart Company produces catalogs for distribution that had been very informational in nature.

Andre was hired to reinvent the catalog and create a marketing strategy for promoting Anatomical Chart Company products in a more compelling manner. The new catalog makes use of striking medical illustrations and product imagery to attract attention and establish credibility. In addition, the catalog was reordered to place most popular items in the most visible areas, make use of testimonials to promote product value and editorials highlighting special product features.